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December 31 2014

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The other day the Irish Myths book I did for the Folio Society a few years ago popped up again on a prominent blog. You can buy Irish Myths and Legends here; it is a really nice gift for someone who loves books.

I thought you guys might like to see a few more images from that series.

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Guardian of the Sunset by Milek

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Falling Leaves by yanl

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Some more people to keep in mind, yet still only a small percentage of the unarmed Americans of color killed over the past two years by people sworn to protect them.

No justice. No peace. No racist police.

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Couldn’t have said it better.

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"If you have a problem with people living their lives and being authentically who they are, you really should go and do some soul-searching."

she responds so intelligently and poised, i have so much respect for this woman


a news article called her Josh Alcorn and never mentioned the she was transgender and never mentioned that it was a suicide but a Christian website uses her pronouns, calls her parents abusive and tells about the suicide.
did not expect that.

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Twilight phenomena

Twilight phenomenon is produced when unburned particles of missile or rocket propellant and water left in the vapor trail of a launch vehicle condenses, freezes and then expands in the less dense upper atmosphere. The exhaust plume, which is suspended against a dark sky is then illuminated by reflective high altitude sunlight, which produces a spectacular, colorful effect when seen at ground level. The phenomenon typically occurs with launches that take place either 30 to 60 minutes before sunrise or after sunset when a booster rocket or missile rises out of the darkness and into a sunlit area, relative to an observer’s perspective on the ground.

This phenomenon usually produces a cloud of green, blue, white and rose colored hues which takes on a corkscrew appearance as it is whipped around by wind currents. It is seen within two to three minutes after a launch has occurred. Depending on weather conditions, it could remain in the sky for up to half an hour before dispersing.

Pre-dawn launches are probably less spectacular than their dusk counterparts. During dusk launches, the sunlight shines through the exhaust plume. Pre-dawn launches, on the other hand, produce a more subtle display because the sunlight directly reflects off the plume.


Somebody gathered all seven dragon balls.

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1899  Thomas Moran  

Habitants des falaises  Huile sur Toile    

50,8x76,2 cm  Kentucky, Berea College

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Cascading Orchid ~ Grace Mehan De Vito (American, b.1965)

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me: [character] is aromantic

person: no that character was in a relationship with [other character]



looking at you katniss

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Rain - My Neighbour Totoro

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